International Journal of
Clinical and Biological Sciences

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Conference Proceedings

Besides publishing to consider the research manuscripts, short communications and editorials, SIP takes the privilege to encourage and support in publishing the conference papers as Proceedings of the conference. The papers at conferences will have synchronization with the present day's scientific research activity. SIP strongly feels that the pool of such potential research works are to be brought as conference proceedings and this will act as a platform for quick form of research communication for scientists and young researchers. SIP has a strong belief that proceedings of the conference has also a leading edge in propagating and making researchers understand about the latest research which is in process among various scientific groups.

The conference proceeding will be published as a supplement of International Journal of Clinical and Biological Sciences (IJCBS).

The conference organizers are requested to submit the following information:

  1. Conference Title
  2. Date of the Conference
  3. Conference Website (if any)
  4. Organizers details.
  5. Conference Sponsors
  6. Conference Brochure copy (Soft copy)
  7. Soft copy of Conference Abstracts (Both English and Spanish).
  8. One page information regarding the organizing institute
  9. One page Information regarding the importance of the theme of the conference
  10. Conference photos (optional)
  11. Address for correspondence
  12. Editors of the proceedings
  13. Name of the person
  14. Contact Number
  15. Contact Email Address
  16. Full Address

Please submit above mentioned details to the following mail
Any queries please feel free to contact us at