International Journal of
Clinical and Biological Sciences

ISSN: 2455-6858

Volume 1, Issue 2, July-Dec 2016
1. Thermostable β-D-Glucosidase from Aspergillus flavus: Production, Purification and Characterization  
Satheesh Kumar Gudi, Chandrasekhar Gurramkonda, Subhosh Chandra M, Siva Prasad B. V, Suresh Yadav P, Naresh Kumar C.V.M & Rajasekhar Reddy
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2. Impact of climate change on insect pests, plant chemical ecology, tritrophic interactions and food production  
Abdul Rashid War, Gaurav Kumar Taggar, Mohd Yousuf War & Barkat Hussain
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3. Molecular characterization and Antagonistic Potential of phenazine-1-carboxylic acid producing Pseudomonas fluorescens isolates from economically important crops in South India  
Lohitha S.R1, Bhaskara Reddy BV, Sivaprasad Y, Prathyusha M, Sujitha A, Murali Krishna T & Raja Reddy K
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4. In vitro evaluation of anti-proliferative properties of the methanolic extracts of Andrographis echioides Nees on skin melanoma cell lines  
Purushotham Guroji, Padma Yerukala &Venkata Raju R.R
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5. Carbon Source and PGR play an immense role in induction of In vitro flowering in Glochidion velutinum Wt., an important Ethno-medicinal Plant  
Mallikarjuna B, Usha Nagalakshmi R & Rama Gopal G
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6. In vivo anti-candidal activity of hexane extract of Dillenia indica on experimentally induced candida pathogencity in Wistar albino rats  
Himakar Reddy K, Venugopal N, Subrahmanyam G & Vijaya Sarathi Reddy O
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7. Effect of Source Removal at Reproductive Stage on Yield and Yield Component Traits in Greengram (Vigna radiata L. Wilczek)  
Chandra Mohan Singh, Madhuri Arya, Mishra S.B, Anil Pandey & Shiva Prasad
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